About ‘The Wow Kids’

We strive to make kids love writing.

Greetings, I am the co-editor and founder, Jewel Sree Eswar. I made The Wow Kids because I wanted kids to love writing. I’ve heard the remarks during English in my school: “Urgh, this is so boring, I want to go home,” and “I wish I could go to the future so I could skip English.” I thought about it and said to myself, ‘What if kids wrote it this website, and had it displayed, in public?’ and then got cracking. I made a few blog posts, and then gave other children a turn.
I told my classmates and teachers, my teachers told other teachers, and other teachers told their classmates. Soon enough, I started getting emails of stories and poems, all written exceptionally. After a while, I started getting remarks from my classmates during English, “Yay, I love writing!” and smiled to myself. Then, I got my brother, Dev Eswar, to be the co-editor. He made some posts before, though he features in technology.
As we worked together, making more and more posts, more and more people started to visit. Every time a person sent a post, we would celebrate. But, as we found out soon, the posts were all from my class. I am currently trying to get people from outside to write in my website, but I am going slow. There is no need to rush since I have years and years to come, and it is the quality, not the quantity.
I am hopeful. If you are a child from ages 6-13, please send your posts! I am very excited to get poems and stories and feedback from you. If you want to send a post, visit ‘Share your Creativity’, please!

Keep shining and sending posts,
Jewel Sree Eswar.

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