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Lily The Dolphin

This tragic, heart-warming story guarantees you to stop littering. Understand the true meaning of saving the planet...

“Hey Beth!” Mark shouted. Beth appeared silently holding a huge piece of plastic. “What are we doing, Mark?” she inquired. Mark did a menacingly evil face, snatched the plastic from her, and threw it into the sea. Beth gasped loudly. Her friend was being terribly unfair. “M…Mark! This could kill animals in the sea!” Beth was an animal fan. She couldn’t bear seeing animals get hurt. “Would you just calm down, Beth! Animals are stupid!” Beth stared at her horrible friend. Why, seriously why, was he doing this? She responded. “You are a monster at the worst of times.”

Meanwhile, in the deep blue sea, Lily the Dolphin was swimming around with her friends, Kyla and Bessie, who were twins. Kyla and Bessie were both orphans. Lily then noticed something while playing hide-and-seek. “Hey, Bess, Kyle, come here!” she called them. The twins swam up to the surface of the ocean. “What is it, Lil?” asked Kyla. Lily looked very sad. She pointed to a piece of plastic. “Stay away from that monster.” she said. The girls swam to the depths of the ocean, and into Lily’s house. “Mum, I found it again,” she said. Her mum sighed. “Ugh, why don’t those cruel people leave us in peace?” Uncle Jerry was there, sitting in a coral chair. He winced up at Lily. “My dad was killed because of it. He thought it was a white jellyfish, so he wanted to taste it. Then… then… oh then!” Uncle Jerry was lost for words. “Anyway, Lily, let’s play a game with your friends.” it was a game called ‘Tag the Person’. The aim of the game was to pretend to kill humans. Everybody utterly hated humans because of their cruel wrath and ruthlessness. Uncle Jerry was the best at inventing games. He first invented ‘Tag’ actually, and it got famous because humans stole it. They pretended the Greeks invented it. Uncle Jerry was the best. He mostly always came to visit them, and would only leave in the dead of night. After the game, Uncle Jerry switched on his saddest face. “Lily, Bessie, Kyla, I guess it’s time I have to go.” he said. “My wife said I have to come at seven and it is seven now.” He said a quick, sad goodbye and vanished out of sight. “Have a safe journey, Mr. Jerry!” waved Bessie. The twins then had to go too. The next day, Mum was looking very sad indeed. She was staring into space when Lily saw her. “Lily, your Uncle. He came across a huge pile of plastic…” Mum didn’t even need to complete. Lily knew what she meant. Lily immediately sank into her knees. “Why do humans have to be so wicked, Mum?” asked Lily. Mum put her knuckles together. “That’s what I’m wondering.” Mum sat in a couch. “Well, better get to school,”

Lily, Kyla and Bessie weren’t good at deciding games. Every time they played tag, hide-and-seek, or any game that Uncle Jerry made, they felt very sad. Then they thought about how fun Lily’s Dad was, and they would be sad all over again. “Reminds me of our parents,” Kyla and Bessie would say.

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