Spreading Happiness

Happiness that spreads is a smile in return, did you know that? Nope, just learnt it.

Up in the light, I can see,
A sparkle that spreads to humanity,
A boy who touched felt instantly happy,
Oh, and I wondered, why is he?

Such a little sparkle of magic,
Can spread through the world,
Some boys are helping a poor, old woman,
Now I learnt that,

A helping hand,
Is a smile in return!

ground group growth hands

Hello, everyone! My name is Jewel, and I am an 11-year-old girl. I love writing, specifically fantasy stories and poems. I publish my stories and poems on: www.thewowkids.com and www.jewelwords.wordpress.com. Please visit them both! ;) Please like, comment, follow and share.

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