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A Lovely Birthday Surprise

Rachel doesn't expect anything to get better as she walks home in her birthday, right after 'the breakup' with her best friend. But what if she's wrong? Find out now!

Rachel lived in two houses of beauty and luxury, both originated with the best walls of unbreakable spirit. She wore the best clothes with a silk of the finest quality to school.  Although these two pretty girls have nothing in common, they still decided to become friends.

The joy of laughter they laughed, the mist of mysteries they solved and they were best friends. Rachel gave out invitations to her ninth birthday party and on that day, everyone came – except Anna. Rachel was very impatient. But besides that, she didn’t want to start the party without Anna so she lurked through the window agog to notice her.Anna wasn’t there, soon after all that waiting, the members who had already come grew impatient. “Rachel, we have to start the party.” Rachel’s mother said in an utter anxious voice. “I guess so…” Rachel said. Rachel had told Anna that if Anna’s her best friend, she would HAVE TO come. The next day, in school, Rachel waltzed away from Anna. “Wait up!” Anna replied. “I am not talking to you because you didn’t come to my party.” Rachel said in a rather disheartened voice.

“Oh, that, sorry I couldn’t make it. I have a new friend and I spend time with her instead. She is much kinder than you.” Anna muttered. “Ehh, now I hate you!” Rachel roared. When the school finished, Rachel returned to her house expecting something bad to happen. No one was in her house. “Oh, that’s odd, it is an unlucky day today.” She said. She went to Anna’s house because her mom had told her whenever she is not there Rachel should go to Anna’s house.

Right when she opened the door, she heard a surprise!” Everyone was saying happy birthday to her including Anna. Anna approached her and said, “I felt bad to miss your party so I made an extra surprise. All your friends, brothers, sisters, mother and father are all here! I made the surprise by the way. I’m sorry I didn’t come to your party.” Anna said. “Apology accepted,” Rachel replied, still mesmerized.

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