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The Diary Of Anastasia – A New Years’ Eve, A New Years’ Discovery

This is the second part of 'The Diary Of Anastasia'. Discover something you might have never thought of before - including Anastasia and her sisters.

Dear Diary,

A lot has happened since I last wrote to you. I live in Cinderella’s Kingdom now. It was Cinderella’s husband’s kind suggestion. I was really starting to get used to living in the tiny hut that we used to live in. It was in a very bad condition, though, but that was its only weakness. Broken floorboards, spluttering taps, it wasn’t an ideally relaxing place.

I made friends with the kingdom’s chef, Chef Lora, who’s really nice to Drizella and me. She really helped us fit in the castle. 

But soon enough, another mystery came riding by. This one was way more complicated than I’d ever imagined; there were so many layers to it. So, Cinderella had come back from another royal ball, removed her beautiful slippers, and… Two days later, they’re gone.

To this point, it’s New Years’ Eve and the countdown is in minutes. So, I look across the room and I spot Chef Lora in an unusually huge dress. Something suddenly dropped from her dress. It was… one of Cinderella’s slippers!

I was shocked! 
So, I told Cinderella that I needed to go urgently. “Err… Cinderella, I… need to go somewhere urgently. I’ll be back in a second,” I informed her.
“Oh, that’s okay. But please come back quickly, before the countdown, Anastasia. I have to give a speech and you and Drizella are the only ones who can support me during these tough times of losing my slippers!” Cinderella urged me. “Oh, I’ll come quickly,” I said with a sly grin.

So, I followed Chef Lora over the huge crowd blocking my way. Chef Lora finally came to an abrupt stop.
“Lora, while you were running, you dropped a little something,” I said, uncovering the slipper. 
“Oh, my mistake,” she said, starting to snatch it from me, obviously thinking I was way too dumb to recognise what the slipper was.

But the countdown had started.
10… “No, give that back! That’s my sister’s slippers you’re holding! Security!” 9… I called Security. She dropped the slippers and started running away. 8… I got the slippers, but it was too late for the securities to catch her. 7… She was somewhere, deep in the woods…

I ran for it, to catch Cinderella. 6… I ran down the stairs. 5… I exited the kingdom. 4… I was getting there. 3… I saw Cinderella. 2… I squeezed past the crowd. 1… And in one, I gave Cinderella her slippers, her hugging me.
“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” the kingdom screamed on the top of their lungs. 

Cinderella started getting onto the stage, smiling. The kingdom stared at the slippers and gasped.
“Ladies and gentlemen… First of all, Happy New Year! Last year has been a very happy, prosperous one. I expect that this year would be the same. Second of all, my sister, Anastasia has found my slipper!” the kingdom dissolved in cheers for me. “Now, Anastasia, please come up to the stage to tell us all how you did it!” she smiled.

So, I got up to the stage and explained how I did it, making it a speech. 
“Thank you, everybody,” and the crowd went wild, Drizella and Mum clapping for me loudly. I bowed and stepped of the stage.

That night, I thought:
I might not have caught Chef Lora, but one day, I know I’ll find her, and put    her in the dungeons. I know I will.

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