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The Diary Of Anastasia

It's time for Anastasia, Cinderella's sister, to stop slithering around her shadow. It's time to up her game. It's her turn to be the main character of the story.

Dear Diary,

I’m Cinderella’s stepsister. Boo, you go. I know. Whenever I step outside, everybody shows a thumbs-down, says boo, or shows a very rude gesture I wouldn’t want to describe. Anyway, I’m very used to being hated when, really, I didn’t do anything bad. My sister, Drizella, is actually five years older than Cinderella, and people throw rocks at her when they see her. Seriously! I don’t see why they have to blame us, though, because Mother’s the one who created this mess. And now she’s always got her head down and has lost all her pride and pleasure. We never treated Cinderella badly because we quite liked her, but, I know, fairytales say that we’re ugly and that we treat her badly.

Anyway, it was dinner and I was trotting to the dinning table to eat. Mum was usually sitting down, with our food ready. “Anastasia!” my sister yells my name. “What, Drizella?” I asked. She pointed at a figure outside. At first I thought she was seeing things, but then I saw what seemed like… Cinderella. But she wasn’t all like a prissy princess. Duct tape was put in her mouth and she was handcuffed. Mother came into the room and like I expected, she gasped aloud. “Anastasia! Go and see why she’s here!” she ordered. I crept outside, with a shocked Drizella behind me. We slowly opened the door and turned to see Cinderella. “Mmm!” she mumbled, not able to speak with the duct ape in her mouth. I gently uncovered it free, and Cinderella gasped frantically. “Anastasia! Drizella! You’ve got to help me! I’ve been kidnapped!” she screamed. “What!? By who?” Drizella and I asked in unison. “Well, I was in the woods and… I was looking for my godmother… And then, somebody caught me by my mouth so here I am now.” She explained. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Cinderella, despite her betraying us. “Don’t you worry, sis, you can stay here till the shock recovers.” I politely said. “Oh stepsisters! What would I do without you?” she asked. “Everything.” I muttered under my breath. So we brought her in. Mother was denying at first. “NO!” she kept saying, but somehow, slowly, she began arranging the mattress for Cinderella and making it look king-sized. 

The very next day, we called the coach and drove her to her palace. “Thank you very much, my sisters. I’ll have to go now-” she said. “Not so fast!” I interrupted. “What is it now?” she inquired. “We’ll only drop you off if you let us come with you-”

“Okay.”   “AND you declare that we saved you.”

There was a long pause. Finally, Cinderella nodded. “Fine!”

So we charged to the palace. The heads of strangers turned to us. They were staring at a ‘wanted’ sign of Cinderella. She sat on her throne and began. “Dear citizens, I would happily, (she said “happily” with a wince) like to announce that my stepsisters and stepmother have saved me.” There was a crowd of applause, Cinderella’s husband coming, delighted to hear from her. “Such a noble deed deserves a reward!” Said the King to us, amazed. “No, thank you.” said Drizella. “You’re very polite!” he answered.

From then onwards, nobody hated us like they used to and always praised us when they saw us.


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