Grade 4 Grade 4 - Stories

Charlie and Benny

Benny is a normal boy. But what he doesn't realise that he can be better than he is, but someone just needs to inform him...

Charlie Avenue sat, imprisoned in the cold wraths of school. Well, for him it stood that way, because he wasn’t genius. Or a nerd. All you could describe him was an… imaginative boy and even that you call him if you don’t want to be rude. There was a test going on, and Charlie’s hatred to tests began streaming loud and clear breaths to the poor girl in front of him. “Um… Charlie? I’m trying to work.” Mavis murmured. Charlie immediately stopped, waiting for class to end, so he could give the unfinished (Charlie hadn’t even started) work to give to the dragon of the school, Mrs. Morris.

Finally, when it was the time when Charlie felt warm and loved. He rushed out if school, snorting with laughter. When he reached home, there lay an untouched note. “Erm… Wonder what that is!” he whispered to himself, and opened the note. ‘Charlie Avenue, what you are about to see, has to be a secret to cannot speak, or else if you do, tough consequences are ahead of you.’ The boy grunted, hesitated and entered his room.

Right away, he was awestruck. A huge creature with six wings and camouflage, rainbow skin and a strong, sturdy face made its way towards him, breaking the roof so badly that Charlie could see his sister’s room from there, and it was so damaged you couldn’t mend it. “Bad… thingie?” Charlie hesitated. He used to say, “bad dog,” to his dalmatian, but he had not an idea in the world of what this was. The thing snorted out gasps of fire that ruined Charlie’s room.

It had been months since that old memory had caught in Charlie’s mind. He hid the dragon from his mother, two sisters, and a very curious father. “Can I come see your room for once, Charlie? Every time I try, you always shoo me out!” Dad protested. Charlie immediately strolled out of the room, because he thought that if he left, then his father would stop wanting to see his room so the secret of the thing, which Charlie soon found out to be a dragon (his name was Benny), would be safe. But Charlie was utterly wrong, despite his everyday prayers. His father came in so slowly that he hadn’t noticed him come in.

Only when his father had let out an intriguing gasp he had realized. “D-d…dad?” stammered Charlie, not quite being able to believe it. “Son…” without any further words, Dad picked up his phone and started clicking photographs of the dragon and posted it on social media. “DAD!?” Charlie was hardly able to believe it. It had happened so fast. Already it had gotten 865 views. Charlie squinted at his father’s phone. “Why… dad? The dragon was awesome!”

Abruptly, the door was knocked open. A set of reporters made a scene downstairs and stormed up. After them, came a group of Animal Control. Without a word, the animal control grabbed a net and threw it to Benny. “NOOOO! Stop! Why, dad? Please, please stop!” the animal control simply ignored Charlie’s desperate cries, dodging him.

Suddenly, the whole world paused. “What?” Charlie said. He was the only one not pausing. A creature figured in front of Charlie. “Charlie Avenue, the ‘dragon’ you owned wasn’t a dragon. It was an Iddle. You can differentiate them by their skin textiles. Anyway, master wants the Iddle back.” said the voice. “No! You can’t keep my Benny!” but slowly, the boy gave Benny back by taking him back from animal control somehow.

“That was the right thing to do.” Dad told Charlie.

Without realizing, Benny had made Charlie more mature. That was actually the reason ‘master’ had sent Benny to Charlie.

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