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Deep In The Woods

Join Emily as she survives horrific instances.

Emily Stevenson plodded nervously home. It was her first day of school and she wasn’t sure she was going the right way… the only thing she knew is that if she saw an open, tall building called ‘Spring Plaza’, that she was near home. She couldn’t get her Mum to come because she was in an audition. Emily’s mother was an actress. She was way to busy, mostly because of stupid auditions.

Emily walked on, silently catching her breath. Suddenly, she stopped. She didn’t recognize this path. But then she saw a sly fox, a chirping bird, and a mischievous mole. She suddenly knew where she was. There was no other place as damp, as vast and green as this. She was in the WOODS. She tugged at her long, flowing hair as she walked on. “Where am I? I’m afraid I won’t get home any time soon.” she whispered. She walked on. She felt a noise behind her. It was something close. It was getting closer… BASH!

When the petrified girl soon came round, she saw that she wasn’t at all in the place in the woods where she was. A slithering thing toiled up Emily, making it plain what it was. A SNAKE! “I want to eat you down, I want to eat-” the foul beast was ignored by a figure behind them. It was a woodcutter. The woodcutter scared the snake off. Then Emily rose up, and thanked the woodcutter. “Kids ain’t meant to be hidin’ in the woods, as dangerous as this, little girl.” the woodcutter said. Then Emily had a sudden idea. “D-do you know what lane]this is?” asked the girl. “Yes. You ain’t from these parts, eh! Well, obviously, we’re standin’ right in Mockin’ bird lane. Are you from White Land, Elthow Lane, or Oxford lane?” The man asked. “Oxford. Yes! OXFORD! Thank you, sir! You are very helpful,” said Emily.

“Now, first let’s have some tea.” said the woodcutter.

From then, Emily regretted calling the woodcutter ‘helpful’, as it was just his plan to deceive and kidnap Emily. The girl was trapped in the woodcutter’s house, unable to get herself out. “Hee hee hee! Little girlie! Falling for lousy tricks! Ain’t your mummy taught you? Don’t listen to strangers?” the man bursted out laughing. Emily blushed. Her mother had taught her, but she thought that the woodcutter was reliable. “Wait till you know what I’m going to do with you next morning. You’re going to get sold for me to get my good money!” laughed the woodcutter. The girl found a muffled cloth lying in a table close by. It was bitter cold in the woodcutter’s house, so she put it on. Gradually, she began to fall asleep.

She woke up in midnight, hearing hissing noises. She wasn’t in the woodcutter’s house, far from it. She was in the snake’s territory. “Sssso. You finally woke up, didn’t you? Well, it’s a good thing you’re a sleepwalker, because I could easily get my dinner! I wanted my dinner too. Well, can’t keep me waiting…” her curved tongue rose up to the girl, and… BASH! The snake was killed. By what seemed like… HER MOTHER!“Mum! How did you find me?” asked Emily.

“How didn’t I find you? Poor you! You should’ve asked me to pick you up! I was worried sick!” she said. “Mum, but you were in the audition and I didn’t want to disturb you…” Emily explained. “No, no. I was in the audition, but I came to school because I was worried you were waiting. But the teachers said you had already left, so I set out looking for you!” said the mother. Emily was touched. Her mother had went through all of this for her benefit.” Emily, let’s go home,” said her mother, Skye. And so the mother and daughter walked home.


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