Enchanted Garden

Imagine you saw the most breathtaking sight you could ever see that you can't even describe in words? How would that be?

Such a breathtaking display
I have never seen before this day
Green glinting grass shining on the floor
Roses and cherubs and dahlias
And much, much more

I can’t take it lightly
That I have just seen
A small brown monkey
Climbing on a tree

And a turquoise river
Smooth and still
With not a quiver
And the beautiful noise
Relaxing but shrill

What a beautiful scenery!
What an overwhelming view!
With greens and blues
Pinks and hues

What a precious sight!
I will never see again in my life!
Engraved into my memory
With it, I will thrive.

Hello, everyone! My name is Jewel, and I am an 11-year-old girl. I love writing, specifically fantasy stories and poems. I publish my stories and poems on: www.thewowkids.com and www.jewelwords.wordpress.com. Please visit them both! ;) Please like, comment, follow and share.

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