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Switch off Screens, Switch On Reality: 3 Tips To Quit Using Social Media

As soon as your hand touches your device, you feel blissful oblivion. As you used your device, you pay attention to no one and nothing around you, and eventually fall asleep. You might be visiting a game, using social media, or watching YouTube videos, but it all leads to two things: the damage strained to your eyes, and lack of social communication. No, The Wow Kids doesn’t mean social media communication, but we mean reality-companionship communication. That might be too much to ask, but it really is going to be useful in future references. With proper focus and a comfortable seat, this article will help you to only use your device for significant purposes.

1. Think of all the cons of screens
Did you know that screens make you decrease your skills of human interaction, possibly demolish it forever? You will not know how to interact with real life humans, and only have the ability to communicate using a device. It also strains your eyes, causing your eyesight to weaken. These are just some examples of common cons of social media, so it could increase your alertness. Your mind activates, thinking of how all this is wrong for your wellbeing, thus making you hesitate before staring at a screen for five hours. This can make you think twice.

“We’ve outsourced our memories to digital devices, and the result is that we no longer trust our memories. We see every small forgotten thing as evidence that they’re failing us.”

– Joshua Foer

2. Keep yourself occupied with other activities
You maybe trying to do a cartwheel, you may be practising for a test. These instances can keep you occupied, and that is what counts. We recommend you to maybe do some meditation for you to switch your mind off, or we recommend you to exercise; perhaps play football with your sister or brother, or maybe just do pushups in the living room. Whatever it may be, it will switch your mind off screens, and that will be an advantage soon, and it will make your body healthier and happier, as well as your mind. You will have improved connection with your family and a calmer spirit.

3. Spend more time with your family
Spending time with your family can be a great distraction from social media, as well as an amazing advantage for future encounters. You can find out new things about your family members, you can play more with them, and you can get closer to them. You can have a family Game Night, or even a simple conversation with your parents and/or siblings, but whatever it is, you will have a lot of fun without having your eyes glued to a laptop or a television screen.

Kid sitting down and staring at an iPad screen

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