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Kids, It’s Time To Start E-Learning Soon!

It's the time that we all dread - the beginning of studying and the end of the holidays. But don't worry, it's quite exciting!! :)

It’s the time that we all dread (let’s face it, everyone who acts studious but actually isn’t). It’s e-learning time! This may be a signal of awesomeness to some people, as I myself am excited, but I am sad to wave my two-week holiday bye. Whether you’ve stayed at home or travelled, you’d be dreading when your parents said this morning, “Who’s excited about studying again?” and you shake your head, clearly not excited. You’d have better been practising because holidays aren’t just a time for you to rest; it’s also a time to refuel your brain and catch up on the days that you’ve missed (that’s fantastic if you have got an excellent attendance award).

Altogether, holidays are a time to make a new, more studious and well-rested self. It would really depress the teachers if you show up on e-learning this Sunday very tired and unable to do work; holidays are a time to rest your whole brain and sleep well.
Think hard. Think, can you spend the last bits of your holiday working hard? If you can, that’s a terrific job. You have to keep your mind open for more information to study in school. You can’t have your brain filled with memories of your holiday. It’s always nice to reflect through it when you’re free, but the worst time to do that is in the starting of school. Guys, you always have to keep your brain open for more wonderful facts you didn’t know about before! 

Also, did you ever wish you could have a thinking cap to have all the knowledge stored in your head? You wish. That’s a dream that can never once come true. You have to work hard to earn something in life if it’s a certificate to an award. A little thinking cap can’t do everything for you. But if I ever find it, I will give it to you, don’t worry. So, kids, think hard and study and get good grades in school. And remember, a vacation is just some refreshment time to gaze into your knowledge, take a deep breath and rest so your brain can store more information in school. Have a great day! -TWK

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