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Let’s Start Reading For World Book Day 2020!

You may think reading is unnecessary, well, think again! This article helps you set the mood for World Book Day in April 2020!

Many kids may misunderstand the whole concept of World Book Day and why it’s important. It may just be a boring day where we dress up as book characters and read books, right?
Wrong. When was the last time you picked up a book? Have you forgotten the importance of reading entirely? Well, we’d like to help you gain that sense of familiarity back. Whether it’s a newspaper to a book, reading can take you around the world, to places you’d never imagined! When you start reading, your mind flutters off into a whole new world of the book you are reading.
Reading is essential for increasing your vocabulary. Novels are great for increasing your vocabulary in a fun way and entertaining you, while non-fiction books are meant to fill your head with knowledge; about what’s going on, about what the world is doing, all these things. Non-fiction stories (which can include magazines, books that inform you and even the newspaper) has a purpose, and that purpose is to keep you well informed about the changes that are happening around the world.

Sure, you think that you read often if you read once a month or something like that, but – will you be shocked if I tell you this? – your job, as a student, is to read daily! You also must start reading the newspaper everyday. You might think that only adults are fit to read newspapers and actually understand it, but it’s actually your job to read newspapers, too. It’s the only way to keep you updated about the things happening around the world everyday and knowing all these things can also actually benefit you.

Some of you might have mastered silent reading and may think that therefore, you are an official master at it, but have you tried loud reading? Loud reading strengthens your reading skills and does wonders to your vocabulary. “I know I’m already a master at reading and don’t need loud reading!” you will say. But try loud reading right this second. You might be surprised at the result. The words which you could easily read in your mind will make you stutter when you read aloud. It helps you find your weak points in reading and actually, overall, makes you a better reader. It’s always better to be better at every aspect of reading instead of one.

In conclusion, being better at reading strengthens your vocabulary and increases your knowledge. It’s always better to be good at every aspect of reading instead of one, so try loud reading! You must also remember to be reading daily and getting new facts from books – you can even read online! Novels are a reading form of getting new vocabulary and entertaining you. Non-fiction, newspapers and magazines tell you what are happening in the world. Reading is one step forward to a bright future for you. Why not try it? -TWK

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