Grade 3 Grade 3 COVID-19 FUN


It might seem extremely sad. There times may seem extremely fatal. But somewhere, outside, gliding through the air, there’s hope. And somewhere, even beyond that, there’s luck. It’s just taking some time to get here, that’s all.

The plants are hanging low
The bird’s chirping is morose
You do not have anywhere to go
But all you need is a sprinkle of hope.

Everyone’s at home
While learning there’s nowhere to roam
The light is behind a dome
All you need is a fleck of hope.

All you have are books
And chess pawns and rooks
Without outdoor play you don’t know how to cope
All you need is a dose of hope.

These tough times might be dry
But just wait for them to pass by
The light is waiting outside
All you need is a sparkle of hope.

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