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Ellie the Elephant’s Birthday Present

Ellie is a very kind girl. Her neighbours decide to set a birthday party for her, but she didn’t know her life would take a turn...

Once upon a time, there was a very kind elephant called Ellie. She looked like this.

Ellie loved to help people.

She helped everyone! She helped her Grandma cook…

She cleaned everywhere around the house without being told to…

She even did her homework while cleaning her house!

Everyone loved Ellie. She was very kind.
So when it was her birthday, everyone in her neighbourhood wanted to help! They made cake…

They even made her presents! And when Ellie walked into the house, they shouted…

Ellie was very surprised.

She turned her lights on and saw her whole neighbourhood in her house! Even Mrs. Harris, the grumpy old lady next door!

As the party went on, she felt sadder and sadder. She didn’t know why. So, she had some alone time outside her house and saw a little elephant like her with no home!

Then she saw the rickety old trolley with her presents in it.
And then looked at the elephant with no home. Then she wheeled the cart to the elephant and gave it to him.

“For me?” the elephant asked.
”Yes!” said Ellie.

The elephant was so happy that they became friends! And Ellie was happy too, because she had given to somebody who didn’t get to have presents. The End!

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