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Venus, Jupiter and the Moon are Going to Form Smiley-Faces In the Sky!

This is going to be amazing. You do NOT want to miss it!

This. Is. Going. To. Be. Amazing!

I have got recent intel* that there is going to be something phenomenal* that will take place in May 16th: the moon, Venus and Jupiter are going to form a smiley-face in the sky!

It is going to be flat-out in the open, the two planets and the moon, joining to make a smiley-face. This is extremely* rare and only happens once in 12 years!

The last time it happened with 2008; in fact, that’s the year I was born!
It’s been a while since it’s happened and it will be a while since it will ever happen again.

If you’re 6 now, you will be 18 when it happens again. If you’re 10 now, you will be 22 when it happens again!

So better not miss out. It will bring back memories the next time you see it.

So, don’t miss out and let go of this amazing chance! Once again, the day it will take place is 16th of May, don’t miss it!

Words that may be a bit tricky:

  • Intel – Information
  • Phenomenal – Amazing or Spectacular.
  • Extremely – Very; really.
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