Grade 2 Grade 2 - COVID-19 FUN Grade 2 - Stories

Ella’s Magic Pencil

Ella gets a pencil for her birthday and is very sad. But soon, she discovers that the pencil has endless possibilities, literally...

Ella was a normal little girl with a big heart. She was kind to everyone.

Today was her seventh birthday and she was very excited. Her mother had just told her that she had an amazing gift for her.

Ella was thrilled. She couldn’t wait to see her gift. She expected a whole red car, or something else which was big…

But she couldn’t believe her eyes when her mother returned with her gift. It was one pencil.

Ella gasped.
“A… p-pencil?” she stuttered. She still couldn’t quite believe it.

“I know how to looks, Ella, but this is a wonderful gift. All you have to say the word ‘worst’, and something incredible will happ-” her mother said, but Ella interrupted her.

“I expected an amazing present, and all you give me is a pencil. Mum, how could you?!” Ella said, and stormed out.

Ella’s Mum winced for a second, but then smiled.
“Pretty soon, she’s going to say ‘worst’…” her mother chuckled.

Ella, meanwhile, sat in her bed, red with anger. Her best friend Aaliyah had come to help her get ready for her birthday party.

“Why so sad, Ella-Bella?” Aaliyah asked. That was her nickname for Ella.

“Oh, Aaliyah, you’ll never imagine. My mother gave me a pencil for my birthday!” Ella screamed.

“A pencil?! Ooh, that’s rough…” Aaliyah said. “My mom give me a whole set of lollipops, and I thought that was lame!”

“Aaliyah, stop!” Ella yelled. “I got the WORST birthday present, and you can’t-”

Suddenly, there was a whirlwind of blues and greys. Ella and Aaliyah got sucked in!

When the girls woke up, they couldn’t feel their knees. Our their stomachs. Or their arms. Or anything.

Ella was the first to wake up. She was alarmed to see candy everywhere. “What…” she said.

“What-” Aaliyah said. They were interrupted by a person who seemed to be wearing a lollipop costume.

“Hi, kids! Welcome to Dream World!” the man said.

“What… Dream World?” Ella asked.

“Yes, Dream World!” the lollipop said. “You see, this is not a dream. A magic pencil has brought you here! In this world, nothing happens. Think of something you want, it happens. You girls must’ve thought of candy before you came here!”

Ella and Aaliyah were shocked. “I was bragging about getting a set of lollipops for my birthday…” Aaliyah remembered.

“Chicken wings!” Ella shouted. The whole world suddenly turned into chicken wings instead of candy.

“Fries!” Aaliyah yelled. Nothing happened.

“Aah. You must not be a member of the Johnson family!” the now chicken wing man said.

”It only works for my family?” said Ella. “That is so cool!”

“Yep. I remember when your Mom came here. She looked just like you!” said the chicken wing man.

“My mom… magic pencil… my birthday present is amazing!” Ella suddenly said. The chicken man chuckled and Aaliyah sat there, jealous.

“Don’t worry, Aaliyah, you can tell me what you want and I’ll say it!” Ella said. Aaliyah smiled.
She whispered something into Ella’s ears.

“Ice cream!” Ella yelled. The whole world turned into ice cream. The girls started eating the floors, the walls, and everywhere.

“Why… are you dressed… in a costumes… anyway?” Aaliyah asked in between eating ice cream.

”Oh, I’m not dressed in a costume… I am what you wish for! Call me Mr. Wish!” said the ice cream man.

“Umm, that’s a little weird!” Ella said. She then had a flashback of how she treated her Mum. She remembered being so mean to her…

“You know what, Aaliyah… I think I have to apologize to my Mum.” Ella said.

“What? Instead of eating ice cream?” Aaliyah said.

“Don’t worry, Aaliyah. We can come back here right after apologizing!” Ella said.

Aaliyah smiled. “Sweet! I’m going to ask my Mum if I can sleep over!”

Ella wished to go back home and she was out of Dream World.

“Hi, Mum. I’m so sorry for being so mean, but thank you for the best present in the whole wide world!” Ella said.

Her Mum only had four words for her.
“I told you so…”

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