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How To Pass A Test *GUARANTEED*

Have you been struggling with tests? Well, this article with get you through that (and a lot more)

Have you been struggling to pass all your tests lately?
Are you allotted fifty tests in one day and can’t keep up? Luckily, you’re in the right post. This post reveals the sacred secret known to less that 1% of the population; you need to keep this information a secret. It shoos all your test worries away with a whoosh. And no, this is not just a lame clickbait article that will just tell you to revise. Well, we might tell you to revise but we’ll tell you how to revise; whether you need to use books, or study the night before or whatnot. This is the legendary blog post that may just change your life forever. Read on to give yourself some serious luck!

1. Start Early

One of the best tricks to pass a test that will ever cross your life is to start early. And no, I don’t mean start revising for your final exams at age six, but I mean, if you’re having a test at August (highly unlikely but stick with me here) start revising at January that year. This will broaden your chances of getting a perfect test score at any test. Starting early is the best way to get all that information into your head, but don’t just stuff random knowledge into your head, taking one minute each. No, I mean what I am going to talk about in the next section, and please don’t groan when you read it 😉

2. Revise, Revise and Revise Again

This is the best thing that will ever happen to your test worries.
Start early, revise the same the throughout the year. No, not just the same thing all the time. Different things. Allot a timing, like one hour a day for one subject, another and so on. This is proven to work and make your test life a whole lot easier but your pre-test life a little bit stressful. But remember not to overdo it. I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but allot a time for it for each day. For example 3 hours studying and playing for the rest of the day (excluding school, of course). This surely wiped out my test worries, giving me constant 100%, and I guarantee you will get it too!

3. Flashcards Are Your Best Friend

Flashcards are extremely helpful during revising days. As you make each of them, the information will stick to your head even before you read each one individually. It makes memorization a lot easier, and the information sticks to your head even after exam season.
You should aim for flash cards with attractive designs. It will help you remember the facts for Maths, English, Science, or any other subjects easily. If you don’t want to buy flash cards, you can go to sites that have flash cards. Believe me, there are a lot of them. A lot.

4. Double-Check

This one happens a day or a minute before a test.
All I want you to do is, maximum a day before a test, read through the list of what you have to revise. Just roughly read through it quickly. It doesn’t have to take an hour, doesn’t have to take a day. It just takes a few minutes. Just cross out the whole list of what you have done. It helps you memorize the information a lot easier. It helps you remember everything that you have learnt throughout the years and helps you get an amazing score on your test. This is the mandatory finishing touch to the revision sheet 😉

Comment down below if you think this method works. If so, what you got. Also, comment if this is really secret and sacred.


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