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Why Plagiarism Is Totally Unacceptable

Plagiarising. We've all done it before. But why do grown-ups always tell us to stop? Well, I've got a ... vague ... idea.

The Internet can be a fascinating place.
Whenever you have a project you have to do that involved a whole lot of research, you can find your facts in just a click. Then, here comes the easiest part: all you have to do is press your mouse and move it down until you’ve got all the words. Then click, the words are copied. Then, when you pasted it onto a Word document, you’re done. Finished. Finí. But finnnoooo.
There comes a lot of complications with copying and pasting things from the Internet. This practice is called plagiarising, and is totally unacceptable, hence the title.
You may not realise, but you could get into a lot of trouble for plagiarising. First, let me name the more minor troubles you could get when you plagiarise:

  • Your teacher finds out
    There is a more minor complication for this. Your teacher might just tell you to do your whole project again, and an extra detention here and there. Whew! But that’s just the most minor thing that could happen from the list.
  • Your teacher has something more serious in store
    This is also a minor complications compared to the others on the list. Your teacher can find out, and when they do, they may give your detention, make you redo your project, and tell your parents. From there, everything goes haywire.
  • Your parents ground you
    When your parents find out, they may have something much more serious for you. They may give you a solid explanation of why not to plagiarise, then tell you all the negatives just like I am doing right now, and then they ground you till you’re 82.
  • Suspension. DUN. DUN. DUUUN.
    As well as all these negatives, your school/principal may have another surprise for you. As you walk into school, you hear whispers, gossiping, all about you. And then you’re called to the principal’s office, and then they tell you that, “because you have plagiarised”, you are suspended. This is a only extreme case scenario, but it’s possible.
  • Police may be involved
    As well as having to redo your project, getting a detention, getting grounded, getting two firm explanations, getting suspended, having all your friends turned against you, and having your life never be the same again, you might also get the police involved.
  • Arrested? Highly unlikely but it’s happened
    Now that the police is involved, they may just give you a firm talk or – as well as being busted, redoing your project, telling your parents, grounded, gossiped, laughed at, suspended and getting police involved, you may get arrested. Highly unlikely though, especially since you’re only in sixth grade.

Now that I’ve listed all the negatives, why not I list the positives?

  • Getting your project done… faster?

Compare all the negatives to the positive. What do you think you should do now? I personally think that you should never plagiarise unless you want to get involved in some pretty serious consequences, all listed above. And believe me, if you even read this article, you’d know there’s a lot of negatives. So, what are you going to do now, sixth-graders? Plagiarise or stick to the safe side. Comment down below and I’d surely reply! 🙂

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