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The Diary of Anastasia – Disliked Again

As Anastasia awaits what she thought was going to be the most wonderful night of her life at a ball, she is unpleasantly visited with false rumours and claims that are spread by an infamous familiar face. Will she be able to do anything about it, before it's too late?...

Dear Diary,
I didn’t know what happened until it happened. It occurred so fast; in a flash. One moment, Drizella and I were getting ready to go to the kingdom’s ball. I remember being all dressed up in our fanciest clothes; Drizella’s pretty blue dress with a silver lining and my elegant mauve dress which sparkled in the lights. One of the kingdom’s maids, Caroline, who was helping us with our clothes and last measurements, had started making crude remarks about our dresses even though she knew that, since we had picked our final wardrobes of choice, there was no turning back.
“How do I look, Caroline?” I had asked hopefully, even though I knew my feelings would get hurt. Caroline was French and only spoke snippets of English. She tried her best, so that was what mattered. Luckily, Drizella and I had been taught French at an early age and still remembered quite a lot.
“You look… moche. Pourquoi avez-vous choisi cette tenue?” Caroline replied rudely. The translation of that is, “You look ugly. Why did you choose that dress?” This comment made me feel extremely hurt, even though I tried my best to hide it.
“I must look belle, right, Caroline?” Drizella asked. She had the nerve to say that she looked beautiful in her dress, while I was about to cry from Caroline’s offensive comment.
“Better…” she said in her heavy French accent. I remember Drizella giving me a smirk, and me rolling my eyes at Caroline and her.
“You don’t look that good!” I told her in an angry mood.
“Yeah, right. You’re just as hurt as whoever the mystery vandal could be.” Drizzela answered in a sarcastic tone. The mystery vandal was the person who had vandalised the whole castle grounds. No one knew who it was yet, but they would get into a lot of trouble when they would be found, and all this talk was making me feel bad about myself.
I just wanted to get to the ball.

Soon enough, we were at the ball. Cinderella looked so excited and, as I was wondering why such a happy and genuine smirk was plastered on her face, she went to give a speech before the ball started. I thought this was unnecessary as it was a ball, but I didn’t try to stop her.
“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Annual Yearly Ball. First of all, I’d like to thank you all for taking your time to come here…” I didn’t hear the rest.
As I sunk back on my seat, waiting for the ball to start, I felt a sharp stare burn the back of my head. I turned around quickly, and saw who I thought was Chef Lora! My mouth flung open as Chef Lora ran away once again, just like we’d let her go a few months ago. Just like that.
I knew that something was wrong. Why would Chef Lora show up at that time for nothing? Was she just spying on us, or was she planning something… bigger?

As my thoughts spiralled out of realistic control, I noticed whispers and yells swim around the room. As I looked around, I noticed that everyone’s gaze was fixed upon my sister, my mother and I. I wondered what was going on, and at that moment, Cinderella smiled pityingly at me.
“Maybe forgiving you and letting you into the palace was a mistake after what you did.” Cinderella whispered. Suddenly, the whole room filled with angry outbursts.
“Take them out!”
“Make them pay!”
“They need to learn a lesson!”
“Throw them out of the castle!”
As my mother, sister and I sat shocked and confused, I whispered to Drizella, “What’s happening?” as I hadn’t listened to Cinderella’s speech. Drizella explained that someone made an outburst that we were the vandals of the castle and even showed some pictures of us doing it. Cinderella had no choice but to agree.
And people say we’re the bad sisters.

I then took a look at the photos the person had showed. They showed Drizella, Mother and I vandalising the castle! They were definitely Photoshopped. They looked extremely real, and I was surprised of who had done this. I knew it had something to do with Chef Lora. It was obvious. She was angry at us for spoiling her reputation and wanted revenge.
“I gave you a second chance, and you blew it.” Cinderella told us while we were being carried off to jail. I was so angry at what she said.
“We promise, we didn’t do it! Chef Lora Photoshopped it-” I began, until Cinderella interrupted me.
“I am tired of listening to your false statements. You’ve ruined my trust, once again. First of all – why would Chef Lora be here? I’ve never seen her all this time. Second – you had such a good reputation here in the castle, but you just had to go and ruin it. What were you thinking?” Cinderella blabbed. I was barely listening, and was finding ways to convince her.
We got trapped in the prison, and knew there was no way out and the castle was securely locked. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a snarky, devious smile. No doubt it was Chef Lora. She wanted revenge, and she got it. There was little that my sister, my mother and I could do. I knew, I had to find a way to prove that we were innocent…

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