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The Dog That Could Talk – Part 2

Ivan and his family still have no proof about how his dog could talk. Until they find out a terrifying secret that could change their family forever.

Ivan and his family (including his family) stood, staring at the empty streets in awe. They had remembered it, filled with people, just days before. The pet shop was gone, just like that. Ivan was shocked. So were his parents.

“There has to be a trace of it somewhere! Maybe it was a moving van which looked like a building?” Ivan’s father muttered inquisitively. The whole family had absurd thoughts, but Ivan’s father’s was unthinkably absurd.

“Dad, we’ve looked everywhere for hours. And besides, I’m absolutely certain that it was a building. I had scanned the corners of the buildings for ages when we were waiting for Mr. Paws, hardly able to contain my excitement about getting a dog!” Ivan told his father logically.

“He’s right. But anyway, I can’t think of another explanation.” Ivan’s mother said, unable to admit defeat as she tirelessly roamed her surroundings, having the muddled smarts to dig a hole that stood two feet deep.

“Mum, do you actually think that the pet shop could be underground?” Ivan yelled, thinking his mother was being preposterous.

“You have a better idea?” His mother said sarcastically, continuing her infinite search of the pet shop, but to not avail.

“Actually, I think I know what’s causing all the havoc!” Ivan said, his eyes sparkling.

“Really? And what exactly is that splendid thought of yours?” Ivan’s father inquired, thinking his son was not telling the truth.

“Magic!” Ivan said, jumping up and down, unable to contain his excitement.

“Magic? You think magic is re-” his dad started to say, but Ivan’s mother gave him a ‘look’.

Mr. Paws, who had been silent all this time analysing the surroundings, finally spoke.

“Yes, your intelligent son is right. And so is your intelligent dog. This was definitely a doing of magic.” He said, not a trace of doubt edging his voice.

“Hmm. Yes, of course magic is real, you two, but… uh, I don’t necessarily think it is the case in this, uh, particular scenario.” Ivan’s mother mumbled sheepishly. “Anyway, you two can go and play, us adults have got it from here.”

“She doesn’t believe us.” Ivan said, anger striking his face. Mr. Paws’ face turned purple with fury.

“Yes, they are certain they have gotten everything under control. When they found out that we’re right, they won’t be thanking us.” He said.

“No, no, not, that’s definitely not the case, I-” Ivan’s mother began to explain, before stopping within a matter of seconds with her son interrupting her.

“If you think you’ve got it all under control, Mr. Paws and I will just exit, as we would not merely think of bothering you.” Ivan said, Mr. Paws in his hand. He started to walk away, into the nearby children’s playground, where there stood plenty of kids that wanted to play.

“Maybe this will be fun.” Ivan told Mr. Paws, feeling unhappy as he was unconvinced himself.

“I have experienced this with my last owner and, trust me, it’s brutal boredom.” Mr. Paws said.

“Well, I will try to enjoy it,” Ivan whispered as he slid down the slide.

Minutes passed, and, within that time limit, Ivan and Mr. Paws both felt equally exhilarated.

“Look at me! I’m flying!” Ivan said whilst on his swing, filled with awe and happiness as he looked towards the ground, where Mr. Paws was chasing other dogs’ toys.

Meanwhile, back at where the pet shop used to be, Ivan’s parents were running out of ideas.

“I think we’ll have to call it a night.” Ivan’s mother took a deep breath. “It’s no use.”

“Fine, I fully agree. The only condition being that we come again tomorrow, to investigate a little more.” Ivan’s father said.

“Agreed.” His mother said, right as Ivan and Mr. Paws walked into the room.

“Ah! You two! We’ve decided to call it a night.” Ivan’s mother said, her smile turning into a wince.

“Fine, let’s go, Mr. Paws. I’m sure we’ll find the answer to our questions soon.” Ivan said. He was sort of in a state where he was giving his parents a cold shoulder for not believing him about magic.


Ivan could barely sleep that evening. He was thinking of how the pet shop had disappeared. His parents wouldn’t believe him, but secretly he knew that magic wasn’t real, which meant he didn’t have a reason for how the pet shop had disappeared.

He decided that he would just have to wait and see. His parents were perseverant and often quickly faced daunting challenges. But this one was, in his opinion, too hard to solve. Could his family be able to find out what and how caused the disappearance of the pet shop?

The next day, Ivan awoke extremely early to find Mr. Paws already awake.

“You’re an early bird!” he told Mr. Paws.

“No, you’re just extremely tardy.” Mr. Paws said back smiling.

“How you doing, buddy? Did you get any sleep last night?” Ivan asked Mr. Paws.

“Umm. I did, but did you? You look like you’ve come back from a zombie apocalypse!” Mr. Paws said, extremely taken aback.

“No… I, er, was awake. Thinking.” Ivan told him. He slunk back in his chair. “There ought to be an answer somewhere…”

The family soon ventured into where the pet shop used to be.

As always, it was empty.

Until suddenly, there was a noise. The family turned around to reveal about fifty people dressed in long blue robes with white stars on them and pointy purple hats.

“AAH!” the family yelled, unable to suppress their feelings of utter confusion and surprise.

“No fear, we’re only wizards!” the men and women screamed.

The whole room froze. Then, came another scream from the family.


The wizards looked alarmed.

“You said they knew about the magic, Ivy!” a wizard on the right told the witch beside him.

“Well, I thought so! But I guess NOT!” she said.

“Is this some sort of a joke?” Ivan’s dad screeched, awed.

“No, no. This is all real. We have come to tell you that… you’re a wizarding family.” Ivy, the witch, said.

“Wizarding family? I don’t know what con you people are involved in, but we can call the police on…” Ivan’s mother yelled.

“No, I’ve met them before. I just thought they were normal people. You all look like them!” Mr. Paws said, pointing at Ivan’s family and then the wizards.

“So… we’re all wizards?” Ivan asked.

“No, don’t listen to him, Ivan. He’s involved in some sort of con.” Ivan’s father told him.

“Let us explain.” A wizard on the far back said. “You see, Gina’s dad was a wizard. Like us. And Frederick’s mum was a witch. We have been trying to track you two down and found out how you looked like. We set up the pet shop, using magic, so you could find out that there was something unusual going on and come back to the pet store, only to find it gone. That’s where we come in.” He said, pointing at Ivan’s individual parents as he said this.

“So… we’re a wizarding family by blood?” Ivan’s dad asked.

“Yep. And it was a total coincidence that you married a witch, too.”

The whole family hesitated for a second.

“We’re magic! We’re magic, magic, magic! I was right, I told you so!” Ivan said, screaming and dancing whilst his parents stared at him.

“I guess we have to believe them. They did appear here from thin air, with sparkles of magic following behind. But I’m not entirely sure…” Mum said.

Ivan was.

Dad wasn’t.

Mr. Paws was, too.

Well, they would just have to wait and see.

The Dog That Could Talk – Part 1

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