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What If?

Have you ever sometimes thought... what if?

What if the land surrounding us,

Was green and resplendent, dawn till dusk,

Our Earth filled with tranquility,

For years on end until infinity?

What if the waters were pure and turquoise,

If every moment of the day we had reason to rejoice,

If ground beneath us stayed stable and still

If all our wishes, we could fulfil?

What if the world was content and everything was perfect,

If all evil was hidden beneath the surface,

If the people and conditions of the world were flawless,

If every morning we would wake up happy and blessed?

What if the world were quiet and peaceful,

If, gone are the days filled of feelings despairing and disgraceful,

If we could smile at the sun at each passing day,

And always feel like shouting, “Hooray!”

What if the bird of each tree,

Chirped joyfully to Mother Nature and flew free,

Such a pleasant and wholesome sight each day,

Our happiness we would not let decay.

We can make these come true,

Just treat everyone you want them to treat you!

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